How Planwhiz Helped
Stratifyd Simplify Financial
Decision Making


Jake Darley

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Finance team


Charlotte, North Carolina


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3 weeks

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Time spent on Budgeting

1 Click

To create a new cost center

3 Weeks

Time to value (implementation, training,)

2 seconds

To create a new scenario in Planwhiz vs hours in Excel

The Challenge: Spending Too Much Time on Spreadsheets for Financial Consolidation, Forecasting, and Modeling Processes

Stratifyd, a growing company with a small finance team managing two separate budgets for their US and international subsidiaries, found themselves increasingly bogged down by time-consuming manual financial management tasks. These tasks included manual data entry, reconciling accounts, and generating reports. The team realized that the amount of time they were spending on these tasks was preventing them from focusing on more strategic financial analysis and providing valuable insights to the business. They needed a solution that would automate their financial management processes, allowing them to shift their focus to more value-added tasks.

According to Michelle Hjorth , Controller at Stratifyd, “Our reliance on spreadsheets for forecasting and modeling was not only inefficient, but it took up a significant amount of time that could have been better spent providing strategic financial advice to the business.”

The Solution: A Centralized Solution for Financial Data and Insights

When Stratifyd discovered Planwhiz, they were impressed by the platform’s user-friendly interface and ability to quickly create and iterate financial models. The company quickly put Planwhiz to work helping departments manage budgets using visualizations and reports. With Planwhiz, Stratifyd could create a central source for their financial models, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and reducing confusion among team members.

“Planwhiz allows us to create our base case, and then quickly build worst case, best case, and other scenarios with different driving factors,” said Stratifyd Team. “The platform visualizes those models to elevate conversations with executives and investors, and it’s helped us communicate our financial insights more effectively.”

Stratifyd also uses Planwhiz for its financial statement modeling, including revenue, income statements, headcount, and cash flow statement. The platform’s ease of use helps the team run reports to quickly find missing or incomplete data, improving data cleanliness and eliminating hours of tedious work each month.

The Result: More Time to Focus on Business Strategy

Since implementing Planwhiz, Stratifyd has seen a significant improvement in their financial management process. The finance team has been able to operate more efficiently and provide real-time insights to the business. This has improved decision-making and reduced delays in financial reporting. 

Furthermore, Planwhiz has enabled Stratifyd to scale their financial management process as the company continues to grow. The automation provided by the software has reduced the need for additional resources, saving the company time and money. 

Overall, Planwhiz has helped Stratifyd to better manage their finances and gain insights into their financial performance. This has allowed the company to make data-driven decisions and continue to grow at a rapid pace.


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