How UGAAP Utilizes Planwhiz to Manage Hundreds of Contracts

Head of Finance

Richard Rubin

Number of employees

Used by

Finance team


Austin, Texas


Use cases

Implementation time

2 weeks

Integrations with

QuickBooks Online

1 Click

To create a new contract

15 Hours

Saved per month

2 Weeks

Time to value (implementation, training,)

The Challenge: Unmanageable Amount of Contracts When Using Manual Spreadsheets

UGAAP faced a significant challenge when managing its contracts through manual spreadsheets. The spreadsheets were used to perform revenue recognition, cash flow forecasting, deferred revenue, MRR/ARR, and churn calculations, among others. However, with two products, a SaaS and an on-premise, requiring recognition under the ASC 606 rule with different schedules, UGAAP found itself struggling to manage an unmanageable amount of contracts. As sales increased, the spreadsheets created a significant bottleneck. It became increasingly difficult to avoid mistakes in cash or revenue waterfall calculations and even harder to identify the errors.

“Before Planwhiz, I had to manually maintain this giant spreadsheet as our contract database to close books, report quarterly financial and SaaS metrics to the board, and for audit purposes. It was very time-consuming and error-prone,” said Richard, the Head of Finance at UGAAP.

The Solution: Automating the Revenue Recognition Process and Cash Reporting to Eliminate Manual Calculations

UGAAP found a solution to their challenge by turning to Planwhiz, which replaced their giant spreadsheet and saved them at least 15 hours every month. Planwhiz’s automated system generates revenue and cash forecasts for every sales order based on the product, eliminating the need for complicated waterfall formulas. Additionally, it generates SaaS metrics (ARR/MRR, new bookings, etc.) automatically based on each sales order. What makes it even better is that Planwhiz provides the drill-down capability to each customer, product, sales rep, and sales region.

“Planwhiz automated the closing process and BoD reporting, eliminating manual calculations and saving me valuable time. The system generates revenue and cash forecasts for every sales order, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. Additionally, Planwhiz provides me with detailed SaaS metrics that allow me to drill down into the performance of each customer, product, sales rep, and sales region. The platform has made my job much easier and given me the confidence that my financial reports are accurate and reliable,” said Richard.

Result: Increased Efficiency and Accuracy, Saving Time and Minimizing Errors

Since implementing Planwhiz, UGAAP has experienced a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy. The automated system has saved them at least 15 hours every month by eliminating manual calculations, allowing Richard to focus on other critical tasks. Additionally, Planwhiz has minimized errors and ensured that UGAAP’s financial reports are accurate and reliable. The drill-down capability has provided valuable insights into the performance of each customer, product, sales rep, and sales region. As a result, UGAAP has been able to make data-driven decisions, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Overall, the implementation of Planwhiz has been a significant success for UGAAP, improving their financial reporting process, saving time, and increasing accuracy.

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